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The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation Mindset

Like anything else in life, your mindset towards meditation is going to make a big difference in how well it works for you. This can be a difficult thing to learn, because meditation takes the opposite approach that we are used to. Rather than doing as much as we can, with meditation, it’s often about doing less and letting the experience guide you, rather than the other way around.

If you’re feeling stuck on getting your mind into a rhythm, keep reading for our meditation mindset tips.

4. There is no right or wrong way to meditate

One of the biggest questions people ask when they start meditating is, “Am I doing this right?” This right or wrong mentality comes from a society that is very focused on outcome and results. The truth is that even on days when your mind is racing and not cooperating, making the decision to sit for a few minutes of quiet means that you have made the right decision for yourself.

It’s normal to feel uncertain when starting something new, but try to put aside your expectations and ask questions that don’t have a yes or no question, like:

  • How does meditation make me feel?

  • What is the difference on the days I choose to meditate?

  • What meditation moments can I celebrate from this session?

3. Think marathon, not sprint

When we think about meditation, we often imagine somebody sitting on a cushion in perfect lotus position, calm and centred. This image often feels a bit beyond reach, especially for new meditators. But what we’re really talking about with meditation is a very deep, sacred practice: the art of getting to know yourself intimately.

Just like any relationship, it can’t happen overnight, nor should it. You may have been you all your life, but how much time have you set aside to really know that person? Meditation will often show you a whole new side of yourself, and if that process were to happen quickly, it would likely be overwhelming. Trust that it will take time and enjoy the ride.

2. Meditation practice isn’t linear

It can feel frustrating to have a good day, week or even a few months of meditation when suddenly, your mind just won’t quiet down. This doesn’t mean that you’ve gone backwards or lost progress. On the contrary, these kinds of “disruptions” can actually be great opportunities to learn more about yourself.

Don’t worry if you find yourself struggling. Just keep with your practice, and listen to yourself

1. Acceptance above all

Meditation is the work of truly accepting and acknowledging ourselves. If that’s the goal, or one of our goals, there really is no way to fail. Try to resist the temptation to work towards that perfect lotus position mentioned above, and spend more time on accepting all of the things that come up.

Often, quiet meditation practice is the first place that some feelings, thoughts and beliefs have a chance to emerge. Rather than getting frustrated or pushing those new discoveries away, we can work on integrating them to be more whole and loving beings.

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